SerialDev - The Block Drivers for RISC OS

When working on updating ArmBBS to support 32bit systems, it became apparent that the
Block Drivers by Hugo Fiennes would also need to be updated to work on newer systems.

This page contains both the original Release 12 (26bit only) distribution of the Block Drivers
that were released by Hugo Fiennes back in 1997, there's also a new Rlease 13 distribution that
supports both 26bit and 32bit systems.

Revision 13's 26bit drivers are identical to those of Revision 12, the newer 32bit drivers have either
been ported using original source code (a huge thank you to Hugo for supplying most of the original
Block Driver source code, including ARCbbs modules!) or written from scratch.

These Block Drivers differ from those of X-Ample Technology as they're true to the original specification
set out by Hugo and haven't been adapted or extended in anyway. The benefit of this is that existing code
which loads and makes use of the drivers should work without the need to be updated (you will still need to
ensure your code is 32bit safe!); there's also no shareware applications bundled with any of the releases!

Here is a list of currently provided 32bit drivers:

* Internal (Acorn & PC Wiring)
* Pipe A & Pipe B (including ARCbbs Pipes Module)
* SerialUSB (including Collin Granville's excellent SerialUSB module)
* RaspberryPi Serial (internal TTL serial; requires TTL>RS232 converter)
* Dummy (A simple driver that sends all data to NULL)

Here's the links to download the latest version(s):

0.12 - FULL release
& 0.13 - FULL release

Here's a quick list of useful downloadable resources:

Block Driver Specification
Example Code for Driver Loading/Use

ArmBBS versions upto 0.69 are Copyright © Keith Hall, 1993-1998.
Versions 0.70 and later are Copyright © Keith Hall and The ArmBBS Developers, 2020-2023.