ArmBBS - The BBS Server for RISC OS

Helping to further the development of ArmBBS is always greatly welcomed!

If you're interested in working on ArmBBS, be it on code, the demo BBS, door writing,
documentation or anything else, please get in touch!

Login to the ArmBBS Support BBS using a Telnet client
Or connect using the following hostname:

Login to the ArmBBS Support BBS using your Web Browser
Requires a moden HTML 5 & JavaScript enabled browser.

Browse the ArmBBS Support BBS Filebase

Please Note: The source code for ArmBBS has not been made publicly available/open source.
It is hoped that this may change in the future.

Thanks goto the following who have worked on ArmBBS:

Keith Hall
Andrew Timmins

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ArmBBS versions upto 0.69 are Copyright © Keith Hall, 1993-1998.
Versions 0.70 and later are Copyright © Keith Hall and The ArmBBS Developers, 2020-2023.