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Welcome to the new home of ArmBBS, the BBS Server for RISC OS.
ArmBBS was originally written by Keith Hall, so a massive thank you is due to him for allowing
his hard work to be continued on this site.

Over the next few months this site will be added to and built out to provide updates, doors,
utilities and links to the few remaining RISC OS BBS's around the world.

Looking for the original 26bit or the newer 32bit Block Drivers?
Click here for the Block Driver information page.

For now though, here's the links to download the latest version(s):

0.69 - FULL release    0.69 - UPDATE release
0.70 - FULL release    0.70 - UPDATE release

And here's a quick list of useful downloadable resources:

Script Language Guide
(by Steve Smale)
ArmBBS Features & Updates
Programmers Guide (SWI Reference)
ArmBBS Data Structures

Please note: 0.69 will be the LAST release for 26bit systems, all new builds will focus on 32bit systems only.
0.70 is identical in features to 0.69, however, it has been refactored to allow support for 32bit systems going forward.

ArmBBS versions upto 0.69 are Copyright © Keith Hall, 1993-1998.
Versions 0.70 and later are Copyright © Keith Hall and The ArmBBS Developers, 2020-2023.